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BillBusters is a debt relief agency focused primarily in the fields of Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense. Since 1985, BillBusters has represented more than 30,000 clients across the greater Chicagoland area for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

BillBusters also offers sound legal guidance through loan modification and other loss mitigation defenses, using proven legal strategies to fight foreclosure actions, to stop the sale of your home and to give you the time you need to find a suitable alternative. Knowing how to use the laws that are available to you can make the difference between being a homeowner, and being homeless.

The BillBusters team of legal professionals offer personalized service, competent legal experience and common-sense handling of debt related matters. BillBusters has earned a reputation for distinguished service by offering what clients value most – quality, aggressive, responsive representation. We listen and take the time to help you through your tough financial situations. We are professionals with the knowledge and experience to help, we always treat people with the utmost respect that they deserve.

BillBusters is dedicated to providing quality legal services with a personal touch. We have offices in Chicago’s downtown area and convenient North and South Side locations. Our offices are open six days a week. We offer evening appointments for the convenience of our clients.

The attorneys at BillBusters are members of the Cook County Bar Association, National Association Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Consumer Credit Counseling, American Bankruptcy Institute, Illinois Bar Association, The Chicago Bar Association and the American Bar Association. We are dedicated to our profession, and we pursue continuing education throughout the year to provide you with the most up-to-date  legal services for your needs.

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  • // Ernesto Borges – Owner and Senior Attorney

    //Molly Nelson – Associate Attorney

    // Elyssa Pavone – Associate Attorney

    // David Michaud – Associate Attorney

    // Jason Allain – Associate Attorney

    // Kevin Rouse – Associate Attorney

    // Tyree Wright – Managing Attorney - Southside Location